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Digital Platform for Neighborhoods

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Set the radius for the posts created around you.

Join local groups based on your interests.

Find out what’s happening in your neighborhood.

Discover deals and discounts at nearby stores.

Stay connected with your neighbors

uLouder is a hyper-local mobile app. Unlike other social media platforms where you have to add or follow someone, uLouder connects end-users instantly and automatically , by a self-determined radius to seek information, publish stories or make announcements.

Open up your digital store and boost your sales


You can increase your local sales and brand recognition by opening up a digital store on uLouder. You can also set up a campaign to grab the attention of potential customers around.

Demirhan Erim

Product Management

Fatih Seçilmis

Android Developer

Can Poyrazoglu

Full Stack Developer

Kardelen Öztürk

Community Management

Emir Çetinel

Business Development

Emre Nadar

Corporate Relations

Melis Seray Erim

Brand Management

Teoman Kaman

Junior Developer

Eren Yagmuroglu


Ender Ariç

Back-End Developer

Social Solidarity


uLouder is a mobile application that connects people nearby without the need to add or follow other users.

This feature allows uLouder to facilitate and coordinate efficient local communication for natural disaster relief operations. Additionally, uLouder can be used for other types of emergencies including missing persons and pets, blood transfusions, and much more.